Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skin brush facial cleanser

Results: this method desquamates by gently removing the dead surface skin cells and help to remove skin blockages. It stimulates circulation and improves skin color and cellular regeneration.

Products –skin type:
 Soap – greasy-blemished skin
Cream and water cleanser –greasy skin
Facial scrub – congested skin
Cleansing lotion –normal/ combination skin
Cleansing cream –dray skin

Select the correct size of brush:

 The correct brush size must be used for the are to be treated. For example the neck would you need a larger size then the side of nose. The brush   should always be moistened with water before use to soften the bristles.

Slower speed should be used on the dray /sensitive skin for more effect and fast speed on the coarser skin with thick a thicker epidermis. Pressure and speed should be reduced over bony area. It is not necessary to rotate the brash at all since the machine does it for you. It is advisable to apply damp cotton wool pads to the eyes during the treatment to provide any of the cleansing medium going into the eyes.

Contraindication to brush cleansing:

-Acne to avoid irritation and spread of infection
-Sensitive skin with broken capillaries, asthma
- Skin disease , bruising.

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