Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you know what happens when you stop smoking.....?

**In 15 minutes,
Your body blood pressure levels are down and pulse rate comes to normal. Blood circulation improves in your hands and feet and they become little warmer.

**In 9 hours,
...Body oxygen levels are now back to normal. From now onwards chances of heart attack starts falling.

**In 1 day,
Carbon monoxide gets eliminated from your body. Mucus and other debris are getting cleared out by the lungs.

**In 2 days,
Hereafter nicotine won’t be detectable in your body. You have more sense of taste and smell. Nerve endings starts re-growing.

**In 3 days,
Easier breathing as your bronchial tubes are now healthy. Increase in body energy levels.

**In 3-12 weeks.
The entire body circulation system performs much better. Now when you go for walking you feel much healthier. 

**In 3-8 months,
All breathing issues are solved and now your body is almost free from
coughing, sinus congestion, shortness of breath and wheezing.

**In 1 year,
The risk of coronary heart disease is reduced and only half of that of smokers.

**In 4 years
Death risk due to lung cancer is reduced by half. Stroke risk is reduced to that of non smokers. Risk of Cancer in throat, mouth or esophagus is only half of smokers.

**In 8 years
Lung cancer risk is same as that of non-smokers. Cancer risks are same as that of non-smokers.

**In 12 years
No risk of coronary heart disease.


  1. foarte bun postul :) :*

  2. Foarte interesant! Nu stiam lucrul acesta, ca riscurile de cancer scad odata cu trecerea timpului... E bine de stiut! Un argument solid prin care trebuie sa conving cateva persoane sa se lase de fumat :D