Friday, October 8, 2010

Chocolate brown nails for 2010

 Blame it on Twilight: the vamp look has been going strong and the trend continues this season with dark lips and dark nails , respectively. Chocolate brown—from deep Belgian to light cocoa powder—is one of many unusual nail colors of the moment, and while it seems to be an unlikely shade for glamour girls, a high-gloss finish lends it edgy, fashion forward flai
When you wear dark chocolate or any candy -colored nail polish, your hands become the focal point, especially if you’re prone to gesticulating wildly while posing with a champagne flute at cocktails party . You can make your hands look flawless by adding a touch of makeup to the back of each. This will diminish brown spots and even out your skin tone. Sometimes it’s okay to cheat (wink, wink).

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