Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top Tips and Advice: Concealer

1. Brush-on Concealer Beauty emergency? Concealer to the rescue! A brush-on concealer is perfect for any beauty emergency. Concealer hides dark circles, small imperfections, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and signs of fatigue. A pencil-size brush on concealer is quick and convenient. Perfect for touch-ups anywhere.
2. The Best Concealer Choose a makeup concealer that is lightweight yet creamy. A stick concealer provides direct on-the-spot application. A quality concealer is texture-free, virtually invisible and vitamin-enriched. The best concealer will brighten and lighten dark areas, erase spots and even out skin tones. Quality concealers make skin flaw-free. Most concealers, including under eye concealers, can be used under foundation or on their own. Find a concealer that is water-resistant, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.
3. Covering up blemishes To cover minor blemish imperfections start at the foundation level. After you have applied your foundation with a sponge gently tap your sponge over the areas you want covered WITHOUT rubbing the sponge over the area. Then apply powder lightly. This will provide extra coverage where it is needed while still giving an overall blended appearance.
4. Colored Concealer Generally, concealer color should match your skin tone. A color-correcting makeup concealer in green will offset redness. A yellow concealer will downplay bluish discolorations. A slightly lighter under eye concealer will cover dark circles under the eyes. For birthmarks and scars, the best concealer is thicker, more opaque. Check with your doctor before using concealer on treated or healing areas.
5. Under Eye Concealer Concealer is indispensable for hiding skin imperfections. If you have sensitive skin, choose a makeup concealer that contains only pure mineral pigment color (no dyes, oils, talcs or starch) Some brands of concealer come with a brush for a softly diffused appearance. If you need concentrated pigment and intense coverage, apply concealer with a wet or dry sponge. The best concealer can be reapplied with no caking or streaking on either damp or dry skin. A neutral shade of undereye concealer helps neutralize the purple/brown tones of bruising, under eye circles and other concealing challenges.
6. Makeup Concealer Makeup concealer is used to hide spots or discolorations. Most cosmetologists recommend a creamy or stick concealer used under foundation. To apply concealer: dot on and blend gently with a dry wedge sponge or clean finger for seamless coverage. You can also dot some concealer over foundation, before powder, for added coverage. Choose the right color. Without the right color of concealer, you may highlight rather than conceal your trouble spots.

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