Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to do zombie makeup

Ready to cause some commotion this Halloween? This Zombie look is guaranteed to turn heads, scare a few, and get "wows" from many.

 Zombie Face:

Start by prepping your skin by applying foundation set with white pressed powder.

 Zombie Neck:

Apply black eye shadow with a fluffy brush to add depth and contour the hollows of the neck. To highlight the collarbones, add a shimmering eye shadow in a pale color

Zombie Eye Makeup:
    Brian says, "The goal is to make your eye makeup look chalky and messy, so skip the primer." Use a precise eyeliner brush and a gel liner like. Fluidline in Blacktrack, to create a very thin line at the base of the upper lashes. For the best cat-eye, start right along the lash line with your eye closed, then open your eye as you pull the brush outward and up in a winged motion. Go back over this shape, thickening the wing to add intensity. Add definition to the eye by sweeping Eye Shadow in Brown Down in the crease.

  For gruesome under-eyes, Brian recommends using Cinema Secrets Injury Stack (it comes with four perfect bruise shades) using your finger to apply it (fingers create a more realistic-looking, bruises than brushes). Start with the darker color, burgundy, and smudge it beneath your eyes. Go around the edges with your brighter red color. To create the bloody effect, use a bright red lipstick and dab it on your skin with a brush, making small, random marks.

Rim the outer half of your waterline with red lip liner so that it looks bloodshot. Finish the waterline in white eyeliner to create a highlight. Brian suggests using Eye Kohl in Facinating, "This is a very creamy pencil that glides on easily and it stays set." Apply black mascara; don't use false lashes because it would ruin the line of the eyeliner and become less dramatic.

     To add intense, bloody eyebrows, use red and burgundy lip liners. Outline the shape of your brow with red liner and fill it by drawing in the direction that the hair grows (this should not be a perfect shape). Apply burgundy lip liner in spots over the brow (keep it sporadically placed and messy) and add a black liner in the center of the burgundy to create the appearance of deeper gashes.     

Zombie Gashes

To create gashes, go back to the Cinema Secrets Injury Stick. Dip a concealer brush in the black and draw each gash. "You want to do this with a concealer brush because they provide a sharper application" instructs Brian. Following the same technique, apply the burgundy color on top of the black and spread it past the edges. Follow with red. After drawing each line with the brush, pat them out with your finger to make them messy, otherwise brush strokes will show. "The goal is to keep it imperfect."
   To give the gashes texture, take a Q-Tip and cut off the cotton end so that you are left with the plastic portion. Use this as an applicator to put eyelash adhesive over the gashes (this adds a 3D texture). With the same applicator, apply bond gel (available at on top of the eyelash adhesive and over the eyebrows. Brian recommends Cinema Secrets Coagulating Blood Gel because it's thick, stays gummy-looking, and won't run. "The blood gel adds the finishing touch", Brian explains, "This will disguise the lip liners and make everything blend."   

Zombie Lips:
Use a cream-based silver lipstick or silver cream eye shadow for lips. Keep it messy by skipping the liner.


Zombie Hair

Part your hair deeply to one side with a fine-toothed comb. Set with gel and hairspray. Apply the products generously so that you can really mold the hair back. Use black-tinted hairspray at the hairline, but leave some areas untouched. Finish by adding some bruises and gashes to the hairline to give it a creepier and more realistic look.

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