Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bone, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones

-One of the main reasons that women’s take HRT is in the hope that will prevent.
-But not all the women will necessarily develop osteoporosis.
- The reason of this condition (osteoporosis) occurring do increase when a women reach the menopause.
-When a women reach the menopause oestrogen production starts to decline.

Exercises in general are good for joints mobility and overall health, and weight bearing that places pressure on the bones is extremely  important  in the prevention of osteoporosis (e.g. walking , jogging .etc)

Diet also plays a vital role  , women are advanced  to avoid “anti-calcium” foods , and beverages such  as sugar , alcohol , caffeine  and frizzy drinks .Vitamins C, D and K and the minerals calcium , zinc and magnesium  are also considered  by nutrition’s  to be  important in maintaining  bone health.

 Massage and aromatherapy

Massage alone can help to: relieve stress, eliminate waste and toxins, aid joint mobility, improve circulation and stimulate the endocrine system.

Aromatherapists can obviously take these benefits one step further by selecting essential oils that are appropriate for specific symptoms experienced by the client:

  • Aching joints : lavender , camomile , bergamot , rose , juniper
  • Depression : lavender , camomile , rose, clary sage , ylang-ylang
  • Hot flashes : roman chamomile
  • Memory/  concentration : rosemary
  • Sleep problems: lavender, camomile , bergamot , petitgrain.
 Reflexology is a very important “balancing” treatment and one that can be great benefit to women’s experiencing the menopause –though again this very much depends on the individual.
Key reflex areas worth considering include: pituitary (to regulate the endocrine glands), adrenals (balance hormones) thyroid and parathyroid (to help bone health) and ovaries/ reproductive area.

Other holistic therapies: For clients who feel tired or lack of concentration, Indian head massage may prove beneficial as it is a stimulating treatment and increase circulation in the region of the brain.

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